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Lawsuit Funding for Uber and Lyft Accidents

With the increased popularity of rideshare services Uber and Lyft, the instances of car accidents involving these rideshare vehicles have also increased. All vehicles could be involved in accidents while on the road. Like normal car accidents, Uber and Lyft accidents could leave those involved with many injuries ranging in severity. Many people who are involved in Uber and Lyft accidents have the right to sue the parties liable for the accident and their injuries.

If you were involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, you could file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, many people who have grounds to file a claim never seek legal assistance and never pursue their lawsuits. Why would victims with valid claims decide not to sue?

There are many reasons behind victims deciding not to pursue legal action. One of the main reasons is the intimidating legal fees associated with filing a lawsuit. Yes, many law firms offer no-payment guarantees and only require payment until claims are won. However, another reason that potential claimants decide not to pursue legal action is the length of time that is expected to pass before closing a case and receiving compensation. Even if there is a promise of significant monetary compensation, many victims cannot afford to wait around until they win their claims.

The majority of victims of personal injury accidents, including Uber accidents and taxi accidents, want to move on from the negative experience created by the accident and return to their normal life as soon as possible—which includes continuing to pay for normal expenses. Since many victims of Uber and Lyft accidents suffer injuries that prevent them from returning to work and earn wages, many of them find themselves in financial distress, especially after being left with piles of sudden medical bills.

If you are going to file a lawsuit for your Uber or Lyft accident, you might have options to relieve the financial distress caused by your unfortunate accident. You could be eligible for a cash advance from lawsuit funding companies. Zeus Legal Funding is a lawsuit funding company that offers Uber accident lawsuit loans and Lyft accident lawsuit loans. If you are under financial distress while you are pursuing your Lyft accident lawsuit or Uber accident lawsuit, you must contact Zeus Legal Funding as soon as possible to learn more about the legal funding that could help you during these difficult economic times.

What is Legal Funding?

Legal funding, or a lawsuit loan, is a cash advance on whatever compensation you could receive for your Uber or Lyft accident claim. Your claim is evaluated by experts, and you are granted a loan depending on the potential value of your claim. Once you receive the loan, you could use the funds to pay for your legal process or get yourself out of the financial hole in which your accident left you.

How You Could Benefit from a Lawsuit Loan

Could you really benefit from Lyft or Uber accident pre settlement funding? How could victims of Uber and Lyft accidents benefit from car accident lawsuit loans? Consider all the expenses that have been piling up after your accident. Your accident likely left you with a series of injuries. You might have suffered head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, joint injuries, spinal cord injuries, lacerations, and many other types of injuries. If your injuries required medical treatment, you were likely billed. If your injuries required long-term medical care or are projected to require long-term medical care, your medical expenses could increase. If your injuries were severe, you were likely left unable to work and earn wages for some time. If you are unable to work, you are unable to pay your bills. You could lose your health insurance, your car insurance, your car, and even your home due to inability to keep up with payments. Drivers and passengers of Uber and Lyft cars can benefit from our lawsuit loans and eliminate their financial challenges. You must contact our funding company as soon as possible to learn more about how you could benefit from our lawsuit funding for Uber accidents and Lyft accidents.

Potential Loan Amounts

For many people, knowing the potential loan amount that they could receive is essential for applying for the loan. However, our lawsuit funding company does not provide potential clients with pre-approval amounts—specifically because the potential loan amounts depend on the details of the lawsuits being filed. Below, you will find a few factors that are considered and evaluated to establish the loan amount that you are eligible to receive:

  • The type of injuries sustained and their permanency
  • The effect of the injuries on the victim’s ability to work
  • The length of time the victim is or will be unable to work
  • The amount of income the victim lost due to his or her injuries
  • The medical care required to treat the injuries
  • The insurance coverage provided by the defendant

In many cases, the insurance coverage provided by the defendant greatly affects the compensation a claimant could receive. Since the loan amount depends on the compensation available for your claim, our funding company must consider Uber and Lyft’s insurance coverage. Uber and Lyft carry insurance coverage that could cover up to one million dollars in damage. Our funding experts will evaluate the potential value of your claim and establish the loan amount that you are eligible to receive. For more information about how our experts establish the loan amount that you can receive, you should contact our funding company as soon as possible.

Eligibility for a Zeus Lawsuit Loan

How is eligibility for a loan established? If you contact a general loan company and apply for a loan, you might be subject to background checks, credit checks, employment verifications, and bank account verification. Would you be eligible for a loan based on the eligibility requirements set by normal loan companies? At Zeus Legal Funding, we do not base eligibility on the normal parameters established by loan companies. We base your eligibility on one factor—your lawsuit. Our experts evaluate your claim and its potential, and provide you with information about your eligibility. When you contact our lawsuit funding company, you can be certain that our experts will not evaluate anything other than your lawsuit.

The Steps for Applying for a Lawsuit Loan

How can claimants apply for lawsuit loans for Uber accident lawsuits and Lyft accident lawsuits? The process of applying for lawsuit funding with Zeus Legal Funding is simple—consisting of only three steps:

  1. Contacting Zeus Legal Funding—the first thing claimants must do is contact our funding company. You will need to relay some important information to our experts, including your personal information and information regarding your lawsuit. You must also give our experts your attorney’s information, as our experts must contact your attorney for a copy of your file to use to evaluate your eligibility for a lawsuit loan.
  2. Evaluating your claim—after our company receives a copy of your file, our experts will begin evaluating your claim. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate every detail of your claim to establish whether it is feasible.
  3. Approving your loan—if your Uber or Lyft lawsuit loan is approved, our experts will contact you to inform you of our decision. You should expect to receive your loan within 24-hours. After approval, our experts will contact you to verify your preferred delivery method to ensure that you are receiving your money efficiently.

What about repayment? When we approve you for a loan, our experts place a lien on any settlements that you receive in the future. Therefore, when you conclude your Uber or Lyft lawsuit and receive your compensation, our lien will result in automatic payment of our lawsuit loan. You will never have to worry about making any payments or paying within deadlines.

Zeus Legal Funding

Undeniably, pursuing a lawsuit could quickly leave claimants in financial distress. With the increasing number of Uber and Lyft accidents, there have been more lawsuits against the rideshare companies. There has also been an increase in claimants that find themselves facing financial difficulties after suffering an Uber or Lyft accident and pursuing a claim. At Zeus Legal Funding, our experts understand how a personal injury accident—specifically an Uber or Lyft accident—can change your life drastically. You could benefit from our lawsuit funding for Lyft accidents and Uber accidents. It does not matter how you were involved in the Uber or Lyft accident. Lyft and Uber drivers who get into accidents can benefit from our services. Lyft and Uber passengers who get into an accident and need a lawsuit loan for their Uber accident or Lyft accident could also benefit from contacting Zeus Legal Funding. Lawsuit loan approval for Uber and Lyft accidents can take as little as 24 hours; do not hesitate to contact us and apply for a loan. Our experts will answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and give you the financial guidance you need to continue fighting for your lawsuit.

Zeus Legal Funding offers lawsuit funding with no upfront fees and no risk to you. You will never be expected to pay your lawsuit loan until you win your lawsuit and recover the compensation for your injuries. If your lawsuit is unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay any fees for your Uber or Lyft car accident lawsuit loans—do not hesitate to contact Zeus Legal Funding as soon as possible.