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Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans

Slip and fall accident can result in devastating and life altering injuries preventing individuals from going back to work for an extended period of time. Victims of personal injury have the right to pursue a personal injury case against all at fault parties in order to recoup their losses which can include lost wages, medical costs and emotional distress. However personal injury cases can take longer than expected to settle resulting many individuals falling into extreme emotional hardship and distress. But there is another way. Victims are able to receive an advance on their case before there has been a successful resolution of their pending lawsuit.

Who We Are – Lawsuit Funding Company at Your Service

Zeus Legal Funding is a pre-settlement cash advance company able to provide you with the cash you need to take care of your overdue bills before there has been a settlement of your underlying case. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident and you need to get funding right away, you can contact us today and we will get started immediately. If you have any further questions after reading this article feel free to contact us; we are available to assists you any time you reach out to us.

Steps to Getting a Cash Advance from Zeus

We have a simple three step process to get you the cash you need in the fastest amount of time available.

Step Number One: When you contact us we ask specific questions pertaining to your case including the name and contact information of your attorney. We then ask your attorney for a copy of your file.

Step Number Two: Once we have a copy of your file we review your cases records which can include copies of the police report, medical documentations and correspondence with insurance companies. We will qualify your loan request within 24 hours.

Step Number Three: We send you the cash you need immediately. We wire transfer the cash, send it via Fed-Ex, PayPal, or you can pick up the cash form one of our many locations.

How Much Money Can I Borrow from my Case

The amount pre-settlement advance money you are able to qualify for is strictly dependent on the potential settlement of your case. The value of your case is predicated on several significant factors which are explained below:

  1. The types and severity of the injuries you have suffered.
  2. The medical expenses and rehabilitation care incurred.
  3. Monetary amount of economic losses – including loss of income and future loss of wages.
  4. Application of punitive damages – punitive damages can be awarded when the at fault party acted with the intent to cause harm or acted with reckless disregard for the life and health of others.
  5. The percentage of fault attributed to the at fault party.
  6. The insurance policy coverage limits of at fault party.

Common Injuries Resulting Form Slip and Fall

There are numerous types of severe injuries that can befall a victim of a slip and fall incident. Some of the most common injuries victims suffer is provide for below.

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Herniated and bulging disc injuries
  • Brain injuries – traumatic brain damage
  • Facial fractures
  • Broken noses
  • Ocular injuries
  • Shattered ankle – broken ankle injuries
  • Knee damage – torn ligament
  • Shoulder injuries including rotator cuff tears
  • Loss of pregnancy due to the trauma associated with the fall
  • Broken ribs
  • Emotional trauma – PTSD and physiological damage
  • Nerve injuries – including pinched nerves and CRPC (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

Common Locations Where Slip and Fall Accidents Take Place

There are numerous locations where slip and fall accidents take place. Some of the most common locations include the following:

  • Supermarkets big box stores and grocery stores
  • Malls and shopping centers and other small businesses
  • Restaurants and other nighttime locations such as bars and nightclubs
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Stairways and stairwells
  • Apartment buildings and other residential complexes and condominiums
  • Places of work – office buildings, storage facilities warehouses and manufacturing plants

Why Choose Us – We Are The Right Choice for You

There can be many choices you may have with respect to the company that will provide you with a lawsuit cash advance on your active slip and fall injury lawsuit. There are many reasons why we believe we can be the right choice for you.

  1. We will always be available for you: Our offices are available to assist you in your case 24 hours per day 7 days a week. An emergency situation where you need cash right away can take place any time of day or night, in recognition of this we can assist you whenever you call.
  2. We can get you the cash you need ASAP: We can get you the cash you need in under 24 hours form the tile you make first contact.
  3. We have competitive rates: As direct lenders we are able to provide you with lending at some of the lowest rates in the country.
  4. No upfront fees or costs: You do not have to pay us a single penny in order to qualify for our advance.
  5. Non-recourse loan: You do not have to pay us back a single penny if your case does not settle guaranteed.
  6. No background checks: We do not perform any background checks or employment history records or credit checks. The qualification process for your loan is dependent solely on the potential viability and value of your case.
  7. Our customer service: We make it a point to provide our customers with the utmost level of customer service. Our goal, “to treat every individual with the respect and dignity they deserve and make sure they are funded as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Locations Served

As a mainly online based company we are able to provide you with the service you need no matter where in the United States you reside including, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Philadelphia, the state of Texas, the South including Florida and Georgia, the Midwest, the New England communities of Boston, and New Jersey.

Free Application Process

If you have any further questions or if you like to get your application process started as soon as possible please feel free to contact us by phone on fill out our online application. We will always be available for you any time of day or night.