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patent infringement litigation lawsuit funding pre settlement loan financing

How to Get a Patent Infringement Lawsuit Loan

A patent infringement lawsuit loan, also known as patent infringement pre settlement funding, is a cash advance that you take out against the future settlement of a patent lawsuit. You can receive a patent infringement lawsuit funding by filling out a quick and easy application.

In the middle of a lawsuit, it can be difficult to make ends meet, especially if your income is dependent on the outcome of the case. In situations involving patents and intellectual property, you may not be able to continue making content or manufacturing goods until the issue is resolved. If you are in need of quick lawsuit funding while your patent infringement lawsuit is being litigated, you should consider legal funding. Although it is not technically a loan, many people refer to such services as patent infringement lawsuit loans. Our team of representatives at HopeTree Legal Funding can efficiently secure you funding to cover your expenses as soon as possible. We are the number one patent litigation pre settlement funding and lawsuit loan company in the nation today. We will do all the work for you in sorting out the specifics of the loan and getting your money to you, so you can focus on winning your lawsuit instead worrying about money. If you require a cash advance for patent lawsuit, talk to one of our team members today.

patent infringement lawsuit funding pre settlement funding

Can You Borrow Money Against a Patent Lawsuit Case?

The answer is yes, you can borrow money against a patent lawsuit, if your patent infringement lawsuit qualifies for a loan or cash advance. As discussed below, there are a few factors that are considered to determine whether your case qualifies for a patent lawsuit cash advance. Some of the factors that are considered in the patent litigation funding process are the value of your case (how much financial compensation is expected in your patent infringement lawsuit), whether or not you have an attorney, and the general strength of your case. To further understand patent litigation funding, it is necessary to review the concept of intellectual property. We will go over it below.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is anything that comes from your mind or work that allows you to make profits. It can include music, writings, architectural designs, theories, trademark designs, photographs, portraits, screenplays, and more. Essentially, if you are the creator of an item, product, or concept, you are an intellectual property holder and you should retain the rights to popularize, distribute, sell, or profit from it.

Individuals who benefit from your intellectual property without your expert or express opinion can be taken to court and sued in a patent infringement lawsuit. Stealing a patent and using it for your own gain is illegal.

Intellectual property and patents are only slightly dissimilar. The most glaring difference is that most patents throughout the decades have been used as ways to show how machines and items work or are designed. The creators would then be the sole individuals who could create the items. Intellectual property, on the other hand, does not have to be physical, and as a result it is much more all-encompassing than normal patents are.

How Can A Patent Be Violated?

Intellectual property laws exist to protect owners of IP like patents. If you have a patent, then you have exclusive rights to that item and can grant others permission to use it. The patent has a set period of time during which you own the rights and can be renewed after some years. If you do not renew the patent, it will be open to the public.

A patent infringement occurs when a patent is violated. A patent can be violated if a company or individual distributes or creates items and property by way of your creation. For example, if you compose a song to be used for a television commercial, you and the purchaser of the song can use the music. If other companies take the song and put it in their videos and use it for marketing, they would be in violation of patent infringement.

Many times, parties will be aware of their patent infringement and will try to circumvent it by claiming that all rights belong to the owner, yet they will still earn money off using the patent. It is wise in these instances to issue a cease and desist letter or to take legal action.

However, taking legal action can make it hard for you to continue working or producing content, so a patent litigation cash advance may be needed. If you are in need of patent litigation financing, you are welcome to contact our offices for assistance. Our company takes pride in providing patent infringement lawsuit cash advance and financing solutions to all of those who are or have been involved in a patent infringement lawsuit.

Patent Pre Settlement Funding and Patent Litigation Financing

By filing a patent infringement lawsuit, you are dedicating a lot of time to legal action. You may not be able to receive income from the patent for months or even years if the case hits various obstacles or if there are numerous pitfalls along the way. This can, of course, greatly derail people and force others to give up. The lack of cash flow and income could be enough to decide to walk away from the case forever. This is where legal funding for patent infringement lawsuits can help.

Patent infringement litigation lawsuit funding can help you avoid running into debt and being unable to pay for certain expenses during the claim process. You can apply for a patent lawsuit loan to cover numerous costs. A pre settlement loan for patent infringement lawsuit can allow you to have enough money to cover the following:

  • Lost income from lack of purchases or sales
  • Missed wages from inability to go to work because of legal requirements
  • Monthly bills that can’t be paid because of a lack of funding
  • Expected emotional damages and punitive damages from intentional actions from the responsible party
  • Much more

If you wish to inquire about patent lawsuit pre settlement funding, call our team today. Our team of experts who specialize in patent infringement litigation cash advances and patent litigation lawsuit loans can speak with you to determine how much patent infringement financing your case can receive. You can contact us right now if you would like to borrow money for a patent infringement case or any other legal case.

How Can I Receive Patent Lawsuit Funding?

During the patent litigation phase, you may find that you need financing for your patent lawsuit. Patent infringement pre settlement funding, also known as patent infringement lawsuit loan, is financial help from our lawsuit loan company to those who have a viable patent lawsuit. We have made the funding process extremely streamlined. To receive funding, you only need to contact us to inquire about and request the loan, allow us 24 hours to process the request, and get you the loan you need.

We have no credit check or extensive application process. Instead, we simply contact the attorneys representing you and we inquire about the potential value of your case. The worth of your lawsuit will play an integral part in the amount of money you can receive in a loan. Provided that your case is viable and has a reasonable chance of success, we will be able to secure you the sum within a day.

The funds can be given to you via a number of methods, such as wire transfer to your bank account, express postage, a personal courier, or personal pick up at our offices. Fortunately, we have numerous offices that allow an ease of pick up if you do not wish to drive to Los Angeles (or if you are not in Los Angeles in the first place).

Patent Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Funding

A patent lawsuit loan is lawsuit funding that is provided to a claimant (usually a copyright holder or trademark holder) who has filed a lawsuit against certain parties for piracy or violation of trade secret laws. Also known as patent litigation financing, patent infringement litigation pre settlement funding can help plaintiffs who need money in patent litigation.

lawsuit loans patent infringement lawsuit funding

Benefits of Choosing HopeTree Legal Funding for Patent Infringement Litigation Pre Settlement Funding

HopeTree Legal Funding is one of the most highly-rated legal funding companies in the area. We have provided hundreds of lawsuit loans for patent litigation cases throughout the years, and our clients have walked away satisfied with our treatment and methods. Our patent infringement litigation pre settlement loans have low interest rates (one of the lowest in the industry) and we do not discriminate based on employment or current financial situation. We do not employ credit checks, bank verification, and application fees. You do not need to use monthly payments and you do not need to present us with all of the legal documents – we will get the necessary information ourselves.

Further, our loans are handed out on a non-recourse basis, which means that you will not be obligated to pay us back if your case is unsuccessfully litigated by your lawyers. We make sure that you are not risk of crippling debts due to patent infringement by providing you with ample funding prior to your case’s result. Our business only gets paid back in the event that your case is successful and you receive a settlement.

Call our offices today to speak with a case evaluator. We’ll gladly listen to your case details and will work on starting the loan process for you. You can also apply online for your loan.

To receive pre-settlement legal funding for your patent infringement lawsuit, reach out to HopeTree Legal Funding today.