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Lawsuit Loans Nevada – Las Vegas Case Cash Advance Company

A serious injury can have a detrimental impact on many facets of a victim’s life often resulting in a loss of a job, reduction in earnings and mounting hospital medical costs. Victims seek legal representation form a personal injury attorney hoping to resolve the claim and receive the cash they need in order to put their lives back together. Unfortunately personal injury claims usually take much longer to settle than most victims are made to believe. Many are left financially destitute and in need of monetary assistance many months or years before their personal injury case has been resolved. Many others have an impending emergency where cash is needed as soon as possible.

Victims have the right to seek out and receive an advance on their personal injury settlement before their case has settled. Our organization seeks to aid those who have suffered an injury do to the negligent or harmful actions of others, have a pending civil lawsuit for monetary recovery from the at fault party and require cash in their pockets in as little time as possible. If you need lawsuit funding in Nevada, you have found the right company to provide you with the cash advance that you need.

Cases Where Funding is Available

We are able to lend a helping hand and provide a cash advance in a multitude of civil claims. A general list of cases we are able to provide lawsuit cash lending is provided for below. If you have any further questions regarding the types of cases we are able to provide lending please feel free to contact our office to speak with one of our lending specialists.

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck accidents – including 18-wheeler big rig crashes
  • Motorcycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful Death Claim
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Dog Bite Claims
  • Mass torts and Defective products claims
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Sexual Abuse Claims
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Workplace Employee discrimination claims
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Construction site accidents

Recovery for the Death of a Loved One: The death of loved one can cause serious financial issues for the rest of the family. Many are left to cope not only with the loss of the loved one but with the financial side effects of the death including loss of the deceased individuals’ income, their medical bills, funeral costs, and home mortgage payments. Family members are able to seek financial recovery for such losses. And we are able to help them get the cash they need until their case settles.

Steps in the Cash Advance Process – How it Works

Our organization spoke with dozens of individuals and experts in order to design the most streamlined process for providing the largest possible amount of cash to clients in as little time as possible. In certain cases we can got you the funding you need within 12hours from the time you make first contact. The three step process is as follows.

STEP ONE: Send us an application online or contact our toll free line. We will perform a brief questionnaire on your case and then ask your attorney for a copy of your file.

STEP TWO: Once we have gathered the information we need we will review your case and determine the viability and potential value of your case.

STEP THREE: We contact you and get you the cash you need.

If you have any further questions regarding how the process works please feel free to contact us.

How much of a Loan Can You Receive – Advance Evaluation Explained

The amount of a loan or cash advance you are able to receive is bases on several significant factors. A brief list and explanation of the most important factors include the following.

  1. The extent of damage you suffered – documentation of your injuries, your medical records, future medical care and assistance required as a result of long term injuries or permanent disabilities.
  2. The amount of insurance coverage available or assets of the at fault party.
  3. The degree of liability attributable to the at fault party.
  4. Any previous advances on the case that have been received.
  5. The law firm and attorney that is providing you with legal representation.

We are able to provide victims of personal injury with ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $100,000.00 based on the factors discusses above. And we offer the lowest rates possible.

Nevada Communities We Serve

Our legal case funding enterprise is able to assist most resident of Nevada for their lawsuit loan needs. A list of the cities were we are able to provide assistance include the following.

  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Reno
  • Carson City

Interesting Tidbits About Nevada

Nevada is a state that is strategically designing itself to be an oasis in the desert of the American Southwest. The climate of Nevada is hot and dry, with temperatures regularly reaching well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevada is the driest state in the nation, with only about seven inches of rain falling per year. The United States federal government owns 80% of the land and water rights in Nevada. Nearly three million people live in Nevada, most of them in Las Vegas. The casino town has become a well known tourist destination the world over. Speculation has always been part of Nevada’s history, going back to when Nevada first became a state, in 1864. At the time, a silver boom brought miners into the state to seek their fortune. These days, people are more likely to try their luck at slot machines and card tables. The tourism industry continues to bring people into Nevada, which has ranked as the fastest-growing state by percentage of population for decades. Almost all of the major employers in the state of Nevada are casinos, but farming, construction, and local school districts also employ many residents of the state. With so many people coming into Nevada every year, the state has been experience an immense housing boom. When the Great Recession hit in 2008, housing construction slowed down in Las Vegas and the rest of the state as it did everywhere, but recovery took much less time than in most other states as a result of the pre-Recession bubble. Businesses are also willing to invest in Nevada because the state functions as a tax haven. There is no income tax, either personal or corporate, in Nevada, so the I.R.S. cannot collect income information in the state. Large companies, including Apple, have reportedly set up investment firms in Nevada to shield themselves from having to pay taxes.

The capital of Nevada is Carson City. Carson City was named after pioneer and mountain man Kit Carson, who helped to settle Nevada. Carson City has fewer residents than any other capital city in the nation. Reno is another popular town in Nevada. Like Las Vegas, it’s also home to casinos and tourist destinations. Reno used to be the gambling capital of the United States before Las Vegas became popular. Currently, bowling tournaments and street races are held in Reno in an effort to draw in more visitors. With all of these towns catering to tourists, its no surprise that Nevada has more hotel rooms per capita than any other state. There’s more to do in Nevada than just play craps or blackjack though. In the past couple of decades especially, Las Vegas, once known as “Sin City,” has been trying to rebrand itself as a family friendly destination. Shows like Penn & Teller and Cirque du Soleil are enthralling for both children and adults. Unique exhibitions and rides like the Big Apple Coaster and the Big Shot Tower provide plenty of kid-friendly thrills. As a state, Nevada has the lowest record of church-going residents in the country. This is among the reason why the state has such historically lax laws regarding prostitution, which is legal in some parts of Nevada, and divorce, which is easier to acquire in this state than in any other. The highways of Nevada are another place where the laws are less strict than in other states. Nevada is the only state where trucks are legally allowed to link three trailers together into a road train, and the speed limits are among the highest in the nation at 75 mph with lawmakers discussing raising the limit to 80.

Nevada’s name comes from the Spanish word for “covered with snow,” a reference to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada and other mountain ranges in the state. The highest point in Nevada is Boundary Peak, which reaches an elevation of 13,147 feet. The cooler elevations at the top of the mountains allow forests to grow, creating an environmental contrast with the desert lands that make up much of the state. Nevada was formerly a Spanish territory, until the Mexican-American War. Mormon settlers and silver miners set up in the state after the United States acquired the land. Nevada officially became a state in 1864. Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, is located in Nevada. The water in the lake serves over twenty million people in three states. Lake Mead was created by installing the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. The dam was constructed during the Great Depression. It took thousands of workers over five years to build the Hoover Dam. The construction project was very dangerous and over a hundred people lost their lives working to build the dam. These construction workers were among the first people to visit the new town of Las Vegas for the purpose of gambling. The Hoover Dam is still a major tourist attraction. Nearly a million visitors come to tour the dam every year. The level of water in Lake Mead is falling due to drought and climate change, and has reached the lowest levels ever recorded in 2015. There are fears that within the next few decades, the lake will no longer be usable as a source of water. The Desert Research Institute in Reno has been attempting for decades to study new methods of water creation in Nevada and other drought-stricken states. They are experimenting with cloud seeding and coming up with better ways to control and direct snow-melt runoff. Nevada’s college football and basketball teams are a source of pride in the state. Las Vegas has famously hosted boxing and martial arts events for decades. Tennis star Andre Agassi was born in Las Vegas. School overcrowding has been an issue in Nevada, especially in Las Vegas, as the population increases more rapidly than construction and funding can keep up. In an effort to relieve school crowding, the state has expanded school choice options and voucher programs. Most people who live in the cities of Nevada were not born in the state. Many immigrants come to Las Vegas looking for work in the casinos and hotels.

Further information

If you have any further questions or need assistance in getting cash please feel free to contact our offices. We are available every day 24 hours per day for your convenience.