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Januvia (sitagliptin) and Byetta (exenatide) are prescription medications used to treat type 2 diabetes. Januvia is an oral medication used to lower the blood sugar of diabetic patients, while Byetta must be injected. Although the medications are both effectively used to treat type 2 diabetes, Januvia and Byetta can negatively affect users and cause serious injuries. Common side effects of the diabetes prescription drug medications include diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. For many people, the side effects mentioned are not severe enough to consider a cause for concern. However, both medications are known to increase the risks for severe effects such as the following: pancreatitis, allergic reactions, kidney problems, low blood sugar, joint problems, loss of the effectiveness of other medication, and gastrointestinal problems, for example. These medications could also increase the risk of developing pancreatic and thyroid cancer. Although the medications are known to cause these risks, no recalls have been issued, and diabetics continue being prescribed these dangerous medications.

If you were a victim of some of the severe effects mentioned above after taking Januvia or Byetta to treat your type 2 diabetes, you might have grounds to file a lawsuit. If you sought legal assistance for the possibility of filing a lawsuit, you likely have already discussed the estimated value of your claim with an experienced attorney. You might have been relieved to find out that your medication side effect lawsuit was worth an impressive amount. However, you might have been discouraged to find that your claim might take months or years to settle.

The severe side effects of Januvia and Byetta could result in hospitalizations, treatment, and even surgery. Without a doubt, you would be quickly covered by medical bills and other expenses would start piling up. If you were not working during your treatment or recovery, you likely were unable to earn the wages you needed to pay your bills. During the process of filing a lawsuit for the negative effects of Januvia and Byetta, victims and their families often experience financial hardship. They are burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in bills and no method of payment.

Zeus Legal Funding is a lawsuit funding company dedicated to ridding families affected by Januvia and Byetta of their economic hardships. Zeus Legal Funding acknowledges and understands your need for money as soon as possible. Bills do not stop accumulating after suffering an injury; on the contrary, bills often increase. If you qualify for a Januvia or Byetta lawsuit loan, our lawsuit funding company will give you the money you need to get your life back. You will not need to continue waiting for your settlement while your bills continue to pile up—Zeus Legal Funding is here for you during this difficult time.

If you are currently in the process of filing a lawsuit after being affected by the negative effects of Januvia or Byetta, you might qualify for Januvia and Byetta lawsuit pre settlement loans. For more information about our lawsuit loans for Januvia and Byetta claims, you must contact Zeus Legal Funding as soon as possible to speak with our legal funding experts and get your money as soon as tomorrow.

Lawsuit Loan Eligibility

Are you tired of waiting for your settlement? Do you feel like the world is closing in on you because you cannot afford to pay any of your bills? Have you maxed out your credit cards trying to survive? You might have exhausted all your options—it is time for you to consider our lawsuit loans for Byetta and Januvia side effect lawsuits. If you are interested in a lawsuit loan, you must contact Zeus Legal Funding as soon as possible.

If you have ever applied for a loan before, you might be familiar with the eligibility requirements. Many loan companies require background checks, credit checks, bank account verification, and employment verification. Based on your current situation and the usual criteria for eligibility, do you think that you would be eligible for a loan? If you applied for a loan at a loan company, you likely would not be approved for a loan. However, Zeus Legal Funding is different. We are not just a loan company; we are a lawsuit funding company—and our eligibility process shows it.

Eligibility for pre settlement funding for Byetta lawsuit or lawsuit funding for Januvia lawsuit depends on one major element—your lawsuit. Whether your Januvia or Byetta lawsuit loan is granted depends on the details of your claim. After applicants contact our funding company, our experts contact their attorneys to request copies of their files. Our experts evaluate the file and focus on its value and potential outcome. If our experts determine that your lawsuit is viable, you will be granted the lawsuit loan, and you will have your money within 24-hours.

Loan Amounts

Before you apply for a loan with Zeus Legal Funding, you might be interested in learning more about the loan amounts that we might offer for your Januvia or Byetta lawsuit. Although we cannot determine the amount that you might qualify to receive until you contact us and start your application process, we can explain the parameters that we use to establish the loan amount that you might receive. Our lawsuit funding company studies the permanency and severity of the injuries sustained, the medical bills created by the medication, the loss of income, the possible amount of punitive damages that could be granted, and the defendant’s insurance coverage. Once our experts predict the value of your case using the above parameters, you will be granted your lawsuit loan and will be able to benefit from financial security.

Benefiting from a Lawsuit Loan

As discussed above, taking Byetta and Januvia for type 2 diabetes can result in pancreatitis, allergic reactions, kidney problems, low blood sugar, joint problems, loss of the effectiveness of other medication, and gastrointestinal problems, pancreatic cancer, and thyroid cancer. Although these diabetic medications are known to cause these problems, no recall has been issued. Instead, those living with type 2 diabetes continue taking the medication and suffering the side effects. These severe effects could lead to victims acquiring many medical bills as a result of screening, testing, treatment, surgery, and recovery. If you are filing a lawsuit after you developed pancreatic cancer, you could benefit from Januvia and Byetta pancreatic cancer lawsuit funding. Likewise, if you developed thyroid cancer, you could benefit from Januvia and Byetta thyroid cancer pre settlement funding. No matter how you were negatively affected by Januvia or Byetta—you must contact us as soon as possible. Our lawsuit laons for Byetta side effect lawsuits or Januvia side effect lawsuits are designed to help you overcome your current financial distress and allow you to live a full life while you continue to wait for your lawsuit to settle. If you are uncertain about applying for a lawsuit loan, contact us today for more information.

Steps to Apply for a Lawsuit Loan

If you have encountered financial distress after suffering severe effects of Januvia and Byetta, you might be interested in a lawsuit loan. You likely are unable to pay your medical bills because you are unable to work to earn your wages. Medical bills can quickly pile up along with day to day expenses. Before you contact us to apply for a lawsuit loan, you should understand our application process:

  1. You contact our funding company—if you are interested in a lawsuit loan for Byetta and Januvia side effects, the first thing you must do is to contact Zeus Legal Funding. You should provide us with your information and information about your lawsuit. You should also provide you with your attorney’s information so we could contact him or her for a copy of your file.
  2. Our experts evaluate your claim—after we receive a copy of your file, our lawsuit funding experts will evaluate your claim and determine whether it is viable. Our experts will examine the type of injuries sustained and the total medical expenses in addition to other factors used to verify the value of your lawsuit.
  3. We approve your loan—if your lawsuit loan is approved, you will have your money within 24-hours. Our funding company will place a lien on any settlement you receive in the future; therefore, your loan will be repaid when your lawsuit is finalized, and you receive your settlement. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your preferred delivery method.

If you are approved for a lawsuit loan, you will benefit from financial security while you wait for your lawsuit settlement. Zeus Legal Funding will always offer you the lowest interest rate, and you will never be required to pay any upfront fees. Best of all, you are only required to repay your loan if your case settles and you receive compensation. For more information about the process of applying for a loan, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Zeus Legal Funding

Zeus Legal Funding has spent many years supporting victims facing financial struggles while they wait for their lawsuit to settle. Are you under financial stress as a result of the bills created by your Januvia or Byetta injury? Are you willing to continue to live with little to no money until your claim settles? If you need money now, you must contact our lawsuit funding company as soon as possible. Zeus Legal Funding understands the financial hardships that come along with suffering a personal injury and filing a lawsuit. We want to give you an advance on your Januvia and Byetta side effect settlement, so you could move on with your life and overcome your current financial difficulties. If you are interested in applying for a lawsuit loan, you must contact Zeus Legal Funding as soon as possible.