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As Texans we know our rights under the law to seek out and receive monetary recovery for damages suffered due to the wrongful or negligent actions of others. But what a lot us don’t realize is that it can take months info not many years for a personal injury case to settle. This leaves many victims who are unable to work because of their injuries or those with mounting debt due to their medical treatment unable to cope financially. However victims have the ability to receive and advance on their future settlement.

Texas Cities and Communities We Serve

Texas is the largest state in the contiguous United States comprising of many differing regions and communities bound together by the love of their state. We pride ourselves on providing our clients throughout the state of Texas with the utmost level of care and professionalism so as to streamline the cash advance process and provide them with the money they need as fast as possible. Below is a list of some of the cities and communities in Texas we can serve.

  • Dallas – Fort Worth Metropolitan region including the cities of Arlington, Plano, and Irving Texas.
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso
  • Austin
  • Corpus Christi
  • Texas Panhandle including Amarillo and Lubbock
  • Brownsville McAllen Halringen Region
  • Midland and Odessa
  • Grand Prairie
  • Waco
  • Laredo
  • Wichita Falls
  • Abline
  • San Angelo
  • Lafayette and Lake Charles communities

What if There Is no Monetary recovery or Settlement?

Any cash advance that we provide is strictly on non recourse basis. This means that if there is no settlement on your case you do have to pay us a single dime out of pocket. We guarantee this policy on every advance we provide to victim of harm. We are able to provide you the guarantee because of our streamlines system of determining the viability and potential value of each and every potential advance we provide our customers.

How Do I Qualify for an Advance on My Case: Every single case is unique with differing factors. Some of the most important factors we use in determining the amount of advance we are able to provide include the following.

  • The severity of the harm suffered by the victim: This is shown via medical records, documentation of their injuries and future medical cost associated with the injuries suffered.
  • The insurance policy of the at fault party or any assets the defendant has. For example drivers in the state of Texas must carry with them a minimum insurance policy or $30,000 per injures person and $60,000 per accident. There are insurance policies that can be much higher including commercial truck and big-rig insurance policies which carry with them policies in the millions of dollars.
  • Liability: Basically who was at fault for the accident and what percentage of fault can be attributed to the victim of the accident.

There are numerous other factors which can determine that amount of the advance we can provide you. Our lending consortium can advance as much as $100,000. To learn more please feel free to contact our offices. We are available 24 hours per day 7 days out of the week.

Cases We Fund

There are numerous types of personal injury cases and civil case we have funded in the past. A of the most common cases we fund is below. If you do not see the category that applies to your case please feel free to contact us.

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Crashes including 18-wheeler big rig accidents
  • Uber Lyft and other rideshare accidents
  • Premises liability claims
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • NLF concussion and brain injury claims
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Defective consumer products
  • Defective roadway accidents
  • Defective drugs and medical devices
  • Food Poisoning
  • School student injuries
  • School sexual assault and rap claims
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Oil rig drilling and oil field accidents
  • Off shore oil right injury claims
  • Industrial accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth Injury
  • Prescription Errors
  • Failure to Diagnose a medical condition
  • Aviation Accident
  • Bus and public transportation accidents
  • Railroad and railway injuries
  • Injuries in the workplace

Steps to Getting Funded in 24 Hours:

We have instituted a streamlined system to process advance request from our clients. Below is a brief description of our three step process. To learn more about our process or whether you qualify for an advance feel free to contact our offices.

  • STEP ONE: You call us or fill out our form. The one of our administrators will contact you immediately and ask you for specific but brief questions regarding your case. We will then contact your attorney and ask him for a copy of your file.
  • STEP TWO: We will then diligently review your file make a determination on the amount we can advance you.
  • STEP THREE: We contact you immediately and send you the cash you need.

Zeus Legal Funding is an independent pre-settlement funding company dedicated providing legal funding service to victims of personal injury and other civil claim in the state of Texas and across the United States.

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