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Ohio Pre Settlement Loan

We are dedicated to the residents of the great state of Ohio. Our goal is to provide you with the funding you need to ensure your financial well being during the course of your personal injury case. A lawsuit for recovery of the damages you suffered can take many months or even years during this time many victims are left in financial ruin, unable to pay for their basic living costs and mounting h-medical debt. But there is a way out; you are able to seek out and receive and advance on your case before there is an actual settlement. Below is important information on how the process works and how we can streamline the process for you so that it is as easy and fast as possible. We make sure the residents of Ohio can receive the funding they need in as little as 24 hours from the time of first contact. If you need lawsuit loans in Ohio and you want great service and great rates, you have found the right company.

How the Process Works – Getting Funded in 24 Hours

Our goal is to make it as easy and simple as possible to get funded. As a result we have instituted an advance algorithm that can easily determine the amount of a loan we can provide our customers in just a few hours. Below is our three step process.

Step One: You contact us and we ask you several questions about your case. We then contact our attorney and get a copy of your file.

Step Two: Once we have received your file we will implement our advanced system. We will be able to make you an offer within a few hours.

Step Three: We get you the cash you need.

Service in Communities across the State

As an online based funding consortium we are able to provide our case cash advance services across Ohio. Below is a list of some of the communities in the state were we have provided our services.

  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Cincinnati
  • Akron
  • Toledo
  • Fremont
  • Canton
  • Dayton
  • Springfield
  • Youngstown
  • Warren
  • Niles
  • Lorrain
  • Hamilton

Pluses and Minuses of Getting an Advance

Before accepting an offer for an advance, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of receiving a cash advance on your case.

Pro: You are able to pay off any debts you have because of your inability to work due to your injuries.
Pro: Able to pay of medical bills and expenses incurred due to your injuries.
Pro: Can place the case in a strategically favorable position resulting in a higher settlement. This is because you will be able to withstand financial pressures for a longer period of time thus forcing the hand of the at fault party to pay a higher settlement amount.
Cons: Generally interest payments on advances can be higher than traditional loans because of the risk associated with such securities.
Cons: Victims may use the money in ways that can cause more harm to the overall value of the case.

Why Many People in Ohio Choose Us as Their Funding Partner

There are many choices you may have with respect to selecting the funding company. We believe that our company is the right choice for many individuals across Ohio; here is why.

  1. We are available for your consultation 24 hours per day and seven days out of the week for your convenience.
  2. No Recourse Loan Guaranteed: You do not have to pay us a single penny if there is no settlement on your case. We will never have recourse against you as an individual.
  3. No background checks, no employment checks, no arrest history, not credit score tests needed.
  4. No upfront fees.
  5. Fast funding – we fund you within 24 hours.
  6. Guaranteed low rates if approved.

Some Notable Facts About Ohio

Ohio is in the Great Lakes region of the United States. The state is bordered by Lake Erie at its northern edge. Ohio serves as a bridge between the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of America, and serves as a clearinghouse for much of the manufacturing business in the U.S. Half of America’s population lives within a one day drive of Ohio. Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus are major cities in Ohio. Columbus is also the capital of the state. 11.6 million people live in Ohio. It is the seventh most populated state. Ohio is known as the Buckeye State, a reference to the Buckeye trees that are only found in this state. The Buckeye is the official state tree of Ohio. Ohio is one of many states working to convert their now-unused old railroads to bike and walking trails. Scenic and historic trails criss-cross the state. Ohio Governor John Kasich attempted to run for President in 2016, but lost the Republican Party’s nomination in favor of Donald Trump. Politically, Ohio is considered to be a “purple state” because it does not consistently vote for either major political party. The current governor of Ohio is a Republican, but a significant percentage of Ohio’s voters tend to lean toward Democratic potential candidates, especially in the cities. Despite this clear numerical majority, Democrat Barack Obama won Ohio only by a very narrow margin in the last presidential election. Seven previous American presidents were born in Ohio, more than any other state except Virginia. Ohio has been voted as having the best public libraries in the United States. Ohio was also the first state in the country to establish public housing opportunities for its residents. Both Major League Baseball and the National Football League trace their origins back to Ohio, and both professional leagues still have multiple teams in the state. The Ohio State football team also celebrates considerable success in the Big Ten conference.

Ohio’s state university system is one of the nation’s largest, enrolling over 400,000 students each year. One of the largest schools in the system, Kent State, was the site of a shooting of student protesters by the Ohio National Guard in 1970. Four unarmed students were killed in the altercation, and the event is credited with helping turn the tide of public opinion against the Vietnam War. The Kent State Massacre triggered the only nationwide student strike in America’s history. Kent State University now offers a degree program in Peace and Conflict Studies, calling the area of study a “living memorial” to the victims of the shooting. Ohio’s high school graduation rate and SAT scores are above the national average. Students tested in reading and math in fourth and eighth grades also score higher than their peers in other states. Ohio is home to some regional food specialties, including Cincinnati chili, which sits on a bed of spaghetti and is topped with cheese, and peanut butter buckeyes, a candy made to resemble the seeds of the buckeye tree that give Ohio its nickname. Ohio voters have chosen the winning candidate in every presidential election since 1964, making the state an important battleground for each party’s political campaigns.

Ohio has five international airports, making it one of the top states in the nation for air travel. Ohio has the largest Amish population of any state, more even than neighboring Pennsylvania, where the Amish got their start in America. In Holmes County, in the northeastern part of the state, 42% of the population is Amish. The cities of Ohio are culturally diverse, with large communities of Puerto Ricans living in Cleveland and Columbus, and Mexican, Arab, and Asian immigrants scattered throughout the state. Nearly 5% of Ohio’s population speak languages other than English or Spanish at home. Ohio’s boundaries and constitution were approved by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803, but Ohio was never officially granted statehood, as no formal process for doing so was required at the time. In 1953, a hundred and fifty years after entering the Union, Ohio was retroactively confirmed at the 17th state. Ohio has a provision in its state constitution requiring voters to be offered the option to rewrite the constitution once every generation. Therefore, every twenty years, a referendum is included on the ballot asking whether a new constitution is required. Voters have never answered in the affirmative in the one hundred years that the question has been asked.

Ohio is an industrious and hard-working state, but there are significant options for play and relaxation in the state as well. Residents often travel to lakeside cabins to enjoy a weekend of fishing or boating, and there are plenty of urban diversions to entertain tourists and locals alike. Cedar Point, which advertises itself as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, is located in Ohio. It is one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks in America, and has been open since 1870. Cedar Point has more visitors than any other seasonal amusement park in the country and is consistently voted at or near the top of lists ranking amusement park quality. Other popular tourist destinations in Ohio include the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, and the Great Lakes Science Center. Each of Ohio’s major cities contains museums, zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens to entice visitors. West Side Market, located in Cleveland, is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been featured on the Food Network. Ohio recently legalized gambling, and opened its first casino in 2012. Ohio is one of America’s leaders in science and industry. Solar power and fuel cells are developed in Ohio. Defense contracting, especially at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, contribute millions of dollars to Ohio’s economy each year. The Cleveland Clinic, a world-class teaching and research hospital, is one of the major employers in the state. The high salaries of medical and aerospace professionals in the state help contribute to Ohio’s general wealth and status as a state with a generally high quality of life. Food production is also a major driver of Ohio’s economy. The world’s largest ketchup plant can be found in Ohio, and Ohio produces more swiss cheese than any other state. Several major clothing retailers, including Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Lane Bryant, have their headquarters in Ohio.

Cases and Claims We Can Fund

There are two categories we look at when it comes funding a case that comes into our offices. (1) The potential value of your case and (2) the viability of your case. There are several factors that play a significant role in determining this.

  1. The level and specific type of injuries you suffered.
  2. The medical costs and bills associated with your injuries.
  3. Availability for punitive damages compensation. Punitive damages can be applied when the at fault party acted with either the intent to cause harm or acted in reckless disregard for the life and health of others.
  4. Insurance policy limits of the at-fault party and availability of further insurance or assets.
  5. Whether you have previously borrowed on your case.

Further Information and How to Get Started

If you have any further questions or would like to speak with one of our representatives regarding applying for an advance or whether you qualify for an advance please feel free to contact us. We are able to provide lawsuit loans for many different types of cases in Ohio, including, auto accidents, truck and motorcycle crashes, defective products, slip and fall claim, dog bites, premise liability claims, acts of sexual violence rape and molestation, police misconduct and brutality and many more. We are here for you every step of the way.